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Achieve Better Fitness

Fitness has evolved beyond the same rigid workout for each individual. Here are 4 personalized workout plans that evolve with you.

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Inspiration To Get You Going

Why do humans like rules? Rules strongly influence actions and interactions. They provide principles and procedures for conducting yourself. And they can lead the way to successful lifestyle change.

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Increased Wellness

Most dating websites cater to the young, making them useless for older adults. Here are 5 sites designed to help seniors find that special someone.

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Success With Nutrition

The gluten-free lifestyle seems to be all the rage nowadays, but how does the food taste? Here are five delectable breakfast recipes for newbies to the gluten-free world.

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10 Reasons to Use Your SilverSneakers Benefit

Learn about all the perks that come with being a member of SilverSneakers.

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Healthy Recipes: Meal Plan for Winter Foods

Meal Plan for Winter Foods

Work these healthy meals into your winter menu — and kiss that holiday weight goodbye!

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Healthways FIT Exercise Habits Survey

Healthways FIT Exercise Habits Survey

Whether you are new to exercise or a fitness veteran, share your experiences with us.

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