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Achieve Better Fitness

The summer heat might tempt you to lounge around the house and relax in the cool air conditioning. Resist that urge with these 6 activities!

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Inspiration To Get You Going

So you've hit retirement age. Now's the time to settle in on the couch and relax, right? Wrong. Here are six myths about senior fitness, debunked.

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Increased Wellness

Could your loved ones be killing you with kindness? Many of the negative impacts of aging actually are due to not doing enough for yourself.

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Success With Nutrition

These sweet and savory pancakes offer a great start to your day! Veggie “bacon” adds lots of flavor without the added salt and fat.

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10 Reasons to Use Your SilverSneakers Benefit

Learn about all the perks that come with being a member of SilverSneakers.

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Healthy Recipes: Vegetarian Meal Plan

Vegetarian Meal Plan

Whether you're a full-blown vegetarian or just trying to eat less meat, you'll enjoy these recipes.

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Healthways FIT Exercise Habits Survey

Healthways FIT Exercise Habits Survey

Whether you are new to exercise or a fitness veteran, share your experiences with us.

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