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Achieve Better Fitness

Repetitions? Intervals? Kettle-whats? If it feels like your fitness-savvy friends and advisors are speaking Swahili to you, increase your exercise know-how with these fitness terms you should know.

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Stories and profiles
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Inspiration To Get You Going

Don’t let bra tops and spandex shorts scare you off from the gym. Strut through those doors in a comfortable, stylish and affordable outfit.

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Advice and insight
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Increased Wellness

It may be time to rethink what you learned in gym class: New data is bending the age-old stretching rules. Check out these three surprising myths.

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Tips, recipes and ideas
on healthy eating
Success With Nutrition

How much protein do you need? Should you allow yourself a cheat day? Read on to learn the answers and five other tips for senior nutrition.

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10 Reasons to Use Your SilverSneakers Benefit

Learn about all the perks that come with being a member of SilverSneakers.

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Healthy Recipes: Vegetarian Meal Plan

Vegetarian Meal Plan

Whether you're a full-blown vegetarian or just trying to eat less meat, you'll enjoy these recipes.

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Healthways FIT Exercise Habits Survey

Healthways FIT Exercise Habits Survey

Whether you are new to exercise or a fitness veteran, share your experiences with us.

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